We’re transforming your ideas into live characters. Creating unique and high-quality 2D characters that capture your attention and leave you impressed. The team of 2D character artists is ready to turn your vision into reality. Your idea in the hands of our talented 2D character designers will become a cool product.

Our portfolio of quality 2D characters

We offer you not just a drawing, but 2D characters with nature that will harmonize with your concept and add uniqueness to your product. We are ready to bring your ideas to life - check out the 2D character portfolio and submit a request to discuss the details.



/ Concept Art

Every detail is meticulously drawn. Incredible details and expressive facial features of the 2D character. The atmosphere of the mysterious universe comes alive. Can you feel the story of this 2D character? Can you see its past and future?



/ Concept Art

The mystical 2D character embodies strength, power, and the spirit of uncompromising struggle. It’s a brightly expressed individuality. It's just what is needed for the fantasy world.

Why choose us for 2D character design?

We strongly believe that collaboration with game art studio VSQUAD provides you with a number of advantages


Deep understanding of your game’s aesthetic and style

We immerse ourselves in the visual style of your game and harmoniously integrate 2D characters into the concept.


Senior level of art competency

We have years of experience in 2D character design for various purposes. Our portfolio speaks for itself.


Respecting deadlines

We understand the importance of deadlines and always adhere to promised timelines.


Constantly staying in touch

Our team is always there for communication, discussion, and resolution of any issues or wishes.


Providing you with extra ideas

At VSquad, we adhere to high work standards. We strive for each of our clients to receive a result that exceeds their expectations. We not only fulfill your task but also offer creative ideas and options that can make your game even better.


Making everything possible to bring your game to life in a most beautiful shape

We pay attention to every detail. Our goal is to provide your game with a unique image that captures and interests players.


  • Can your characters be used for various types of games?

    We work with stylized and semi-realistic styles. If this is what you need, we can help you.

  • What pricing do you offer for creating 2D characters?

    The cost is calculated individually for each project. Submit a request and we will estimate the budget for your project.

  • What are the timelines to create 2D characters?

    The character design depends on its complexity and scope of work. As a rule, we try to do our best to finish the project in the shortest possible time without compromising quality.

  • Can we bring some changes or corrections during character development?

    Yes. All changes are discussed separately. We understand that new ideas may arise during the process, so we are ready to discuss them.

  • How are the relationships between the game art studio and the client established?

    When we start our collaboration, we sign a contract, discuss all requirements, expectations, and begin work.

  • When are you ready to start working on the 2D concept? 

    Before we start, it is important for us to conduct an initial briefing, discuss details, and learn about the concept and preferences. After that, we will prepare a proposal. Once agreed upon, we are ready to start!


Feel free to contact us in any way convenient for you.
Let’s create beautiful project together!


Alona Liubchuk


Volodymyr Liubchuk

Co-founder, Art Chief



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