2D environment design made by VSQUAD Studio - your ideas through the eyes of talented designers.
VSQUAD is a 2D environment art agency that intertwines the unstoppable creativity of the best artists with cutting-edge technologies.
Discover the freshest and most ingenious ideas in 2D design to enhance your projects with vibrant characters from experienced 2D artists.

Our portfolio of quality 2D environment designs

Explore the portfolio of our game art outsourcing studio. It's not just drawings, but a real journey into the world of creativity that pleasantly surprises with extraordinary visual solutions. Our achievements cover all aspects of painting with special attention to character and environmental design.

Experienced 2D design artists immerse themselves deeply into the product and its goals, paying special attention to details to provide you with individual solutions.

We are very proud of the fruitful collaboration with our clients and value everyone who joins and brings in exceptional gaming (and not only!) ideas.



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Land Castle

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/ Concept Art

Our 2D environment art agency advantages include: 
● Not just visualizing effects, but creating impressions: we know how to attract attention and motivate players to come back for even more emotions;● Understanding the importance of a creative approach to games by our 2D environment artists, striving to develop projects that will long encapsulate in users' memories;● Transforming your ideas into unique and thoughtful 2D game concepts will attract new users and impress them with their uniqueness.
Our team of 2D environment artists is ready to bring your vision to life. A groundbreaking idea in the hands of talented designers will become an unforgettable product.
Looking for designs of cosmic journeys? The atmosphere of a mysterious universe comes to life just in front of you!
Feel like immersing the player in the world of fantasy epic? The mythical heroes we create embody the power, might, and spirit of uncompromising struggle. The reflection of vividly expressed individuality is exactly what is needed for the world of fantasies.

When creating and implementing 2D game concepts, VSQUAD studio works in Photoshop. Every detail is meticulously painted. You get a whole set of assets, including tiny details with expressive facial features of characters, all harmoniously combined with the 2D environment. 


Why order 2D environment design from us?With years of background experience, we see why clients choose us specifically for creating 2D designs


We can feel and embrace the aesthetics of your future game

We dive deep into the visual style and harmoniously integrate characters, creating design concepts for 2D games.


Adhere to high work standards

We strive for each of our clients to receive a result that exceeds their expectations. We pay attention to every detail, doing our best to bring your idea to life in the most beautiful shape of the 2D gaming environment. 


Senior level of art competency

We only recruit field experts with the highest level of artistic competence.


Respecting deadlines

We consider deadlines and deliver projects on promised timelines.


Constantly staying in touch

We maintain communication, always ready to communicate, discuss, and resolve any issues or accommodate requests.


Providing you with extra ideas

We provide additional ideas and consultations, offering creative options that can make your game even brighter.

Our goal is to get your game a unique image that will captivate and excite your players.
When delivering a project, we offer you not just a drawing, but a whole set of realistic 2D game concepts that will harmonize with the required setting.
VSQUAD professionals are ready to bring your ideas to life! Still in doubt? Then go ahead and check out our portfolio, evaluate the 2D environment concept art we've created, and submit a request to discuss the details of cooperation.


  • What level of detail can I expect from the 2D created by your studio?

    Every detail is carefully visualized. You get a thoughtful 2D environment with numerous components.

  • Is the 2D environment created by you suitable for different types of games?

    We work with stylized and semi-realistic styles. If that's what you need, we can help you.

  • Are changes or corrections allowed during the development of the 2D environment?

    Yes. All changes are discussed individually. We understand that new ideas may arise during the process, so we are open to discussing them.

  • When are you ready to start working on 2D concepts?

    Before we start, we need to conduct an initial briefing, discuss details, and learn about the concept and preferences. Based on this, we create a draft of the 2D concept art. Once agreed upon, we are ready to start the project!

  • How is communication conducted between the game art studio and the client?

    At the beginning of the cooperation, we sign a contract, and discuss all requirements and expectations, and after that, we start working.


Feel free to contact us in any way convenient for you.
Let’s create beautiful project together!


Alona Liubchuk


Volodymyr Liubchuk

Co-founder, Art Chief



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